12 Tips On Protecting Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

The following is a guest post from Lloyd Burrell who became very electrosensitive in 2002, he was only a moderate cell phone user. Lloyd now likes to share his experiences and insights on living a healthy life in an electromagnetic world on his own EMF radiation protection website. Download his free report to learn the truth about cell phone radiation.

Lots of talk has been bandied about in the media these days, about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation. Let there be no doubt the dangers are very real, over two thousand studies now attest to the harmful effects this type of emission has on our health. I have outlined twelve tips to help you best avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone.

Children should not be allowed to use a cell phone. The exception would be in an emergency, of course. A child’s organs are still developing and their skulls have lower bone density, plus they have a lower body weight and this all adds up to a much less effective blood brain barrier against cell phone emissions.Make calls that are necessary but don’t overdue it and limit the length of the calls. The longer the call is, the more you will be exposed to EM radiation.

Don’t clamp the phone to your ear — use the speakerphone. This keeps the phone further away from your body. If you have to hold the phone, make sure that the back of it is away from your body.  A flexible air tube kit can also be used to make your cell phone hands-free.Place the phone next to your ear, if you’re dialing out, only when the person on the other end has answered. If you’re getting an incoming call, wait a couple of seconds before placing the phone next to your ear.

Try to avoid carrying the phone on your body. Women can use their purses and for men, there’s a handy gadget called a Blocsoc which offers good protection.Use your phone when the reception will be good. If you can be close to a window it’s so much better. A basement, elevator or underground will block the signal and the phone will be emitting more EM radiation trying to locate a signal. Some reports have stated that each time a reception strength indicator is missing, that there is much more radiation being put out.Using the phone while your vehicle is moving makes the cell phone antenna constantly scan for a tower and its signal is at maximum strength while it’s trying to find one.

Try not to use your phone in a parked vehicle. You will be exposing yourself to the Faraday effect, it’s a bit like you being in a microwave oven except instead of food its your brain that gets cooked.Don’t leave your phone switched on while you sleep next to your bed. It’s best to perhaps leave it on the kitchen counter, and turned off. If you sleep with your cell phone next to you, you will be exposed to the radiation.If you feel tired or sick, it’s best not to use the phone. Pregnant women and seniors should not use the phone.

Amniotic fluid in a woman expecting a baby does not protect the baby from microwave radiation. Also, if you wear metal-framed eyeglasses or have metal fillings in your head, then will be more exposed than someone who doesn’t.Purchase the phone with the lowest SAR rating. In the UK the limit is set at 2 watts per kilo and in the US it’s 1.6 watts per kilo. SAR stands for specific absorption rate and this rating can help you pick the phone with the lowest EM radiation output.Use text over voice when using the cell phone. This limits duration and body exposure to EM radiation.

These tips can help you reduce your risk of exposure to the radiation emitted from your cell phone. Cell phone radiation is important but it’s just one factor, be aware of your overall exposure to electromagnetic radiation. It all adds up as we go about our daily lives using computers, WiFi, video game consoles, electric blankets, electric hairdryers etc. We are all being constantly bombarded by this type of energy. If you can get hold of an EMF gauss detection meter then you’ll be able to easily keep track of your daily dose of EM radiation, and help your family, and yourself, live a bit healthier.

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