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Calendula Oil Benefits

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you may have a hard time finding a skin care product that won’t cause irritation. There may be something growing right in your backyard garden that can help you out. The calendula flower. Otherwise called pot marigold, calendula is a variety of flower that includes 12 to 20 […]

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What are the Side Effects of Caffeine

Many people rely on caffeine to help them wake up in the morning. They also may rely of caffeine to boost their energy in the afternoon. Studies have shown that caffeine can have benefits for people who drink caffeine in moderation. It helps with muscle soreness from exercise, it provides more stamina for athletic activities, […]

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Welcome to Natures Natural Health!

Welcome to Nature’s Natural Health… Where natural home remedies and alternative medicine are our passion… from cancer patients to acne sufferers, weight loss to high blood pressure, alternative medicine offers, natural and homeopathic remedies that have been practiced for 1000’s of years around the world. We will be sharing holistic and alternative remedy solutions for […]

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