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This article is written by James Schreiber. James is a former Candida sufferer who managed to reclaim a naturally healthy life. He writes on the topic of overcoming Candida infection while shattering stigmas and embracing a holistic approach to recovery.

Candida infection is one of those illnesses that can compromise the quality of your life for years without you even knowing it. It is usually caused by stress, taking broad spectrum antibiotics, hormonal imbalance, or an unhealthy diet high in processed foods and sugar.

Candida infection is one of those illnesses that can compromise the quality of your life for years without you even knowing it. This little known condition is a result of an imbalance between the “good” and “bad” organisms living in the digestive system.One of those inhabitants of your gut called Candida albicans can – under certain circumstances – grow out of control, overwhelm the friendly bacteria (a.k.a. probiotics) and cause Candida infection that can manifest itself through many seemingly unrelated symptoms such as constant fatigue, frequent headaches, vaginal yeast infections, frequent rashes, bloating and diarrhea. Candida infection is usually caused by stress, taking broad spectrum antibiotics, hormonal imbalance, or an unhealthy diet high in processed foods and sugar.

However, even with proper diagnosis of Candida overgrowth, the cleanse can be tough. The purpose of this article is to show you five effective tips to help you win the Candida battle and lead a more energetic life.

Talk to your doctor – this is absolutely essential as self-help treatment is beset with pitfalls. An active dialog with a health care provider who is familiar with Candida is important to minimize your chances of having something go wrong.Pick a high quality probiotic – nowadays the market is flooded with all kinds of different probiotic supplements. Probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus are living microorganisms that aid digestion and directly compete with Candida albicans (the yeast causing Candida infection) for nutrients and taking them in sufficient amounts is usually a central part of many holistic treatments for this condition. The easiest way to determine quality of any supplement is to take your time and read some online customer reviews. Websites like Amazon are excellent for this purpose.Consider taking antifungals – your doctor may also suggest you to take some kind of antifungal to directly eliminate the Candida yeast overgrowth present in your body. Aside from traditional prescription drugs like Diflucan and Nystatin there  choose from – for example oil of oregano, garlic or caprylic acid. As with any supplement, customer reviews are your best friend when deciding which product to buy.Follow a healthier diet plan – many health care experts with familiar with holistic medicine say that one of the leading causes of chronic Candida infection may be a diet high in processed foods and sugar as this type of diet creates the perfect environment for Candida albicans to proliferate. Good nutrition is therefore something you may want to consider if you’re looking for ways to deal with Candida infectionReduce stress in your life – nowadays it’s common knowledge that stress can sabotage your health in many different ways. Stress is also believed by many to be one of the contributing factors to Candida infection. Exercise and meditate regularly, breathe deeply and create a balance of work and playtime to effectively minimize your stress levels.

These tips on how to deal with Candida yeast infection are just scratching the surface of the possible ways how you can improve your health and lead a happier life when suffering from chronic yeast infection. For more tips and information on how other people successfully cured their Candida infection permanently do some research on the Internet or talk with your health care provider.

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